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Keep Dreaming, but Start Planning

Financial security planning is about more than retirement—it’s about making dreams come true.

Plan to Meet Your Needs

London Life offers Canadians financial security advice and planning through its Freedom 55 Financial division. Financial security advisors associated with Freedom 55 Financial use a financial security planning process focused on helping you achieve freedom and choice at all stages of life.

The Freedom 55 Financial planning process allows you to:

  • Understand what financial security means to you
  • Understand your current situation, goals and dreams
  • Identify any roadblocks to achieving your goals
  • Build and implement a plan to help you achieve your dreams

Freedom 55 Financial offers London Life's own brand of insurance, investment and retirement income products, as well as a broad range of financial products from other financial institutions.

Whether it’s dreams of retirement or specific goals such as starting a business or saving for a child's education, our financial security advisors can help you make the right decisions about insurance and investment products to address your immediate and specific needs.

Contact a Freedom 55 Financial centre near you, and start planning today.

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