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Your need for insurance often depends, in part, on your life stage and occupation. Sometimes, one insurance product can help meet your needs. More often, a combination of insurance products is recommended as part of a complete financial security plan.

Plan to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re establishing your career or your own business, starting a family or you’re retiring or nearing retirement, you have a variety of needs. A financial security advisor associated with Freedom 55 Financial can help meet your needs with the right insurance products.

Life Insurance

Whether you want to cover estate taxes, help protect your business or maintain your family's lifestyle after you die, our life insurance products are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.

Disability Insurance

We can provide you with disability coverage designed to help address your needs and protect your ability to earn an income.

Critical Illness Insurance

We can help you meet the financial burdens often associated with a critical illness or condition.

Health and Dental Insurance

We offer enhanced healthcare protection to supplement your provincial government plan.

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Client Service

Contact us if you already have one of the products or services we offer and you need help.