Aggregate executive compensation

This page shows the aggregate compensation for senior officers and other employees who could have material impact on London Life’s risk exposure.

In accordance with Standard 15 of the financial stability board’s principles for sound compensation practices and implementation standards and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Pillar 3 disclosure requirements, the table below shows the aggregate compensation paid or granted in 2016 to 15 senior officers (and including fees paid to members of the board of directors) and 14 other employees who could have a material impact on our risk exposure.

Compensation amounts reflect services rendered to the London Life Insurance Company, The Great-West Life Assurance Company, The Canada Life Assurance Company and their respective subsidiaries.

(Millions) Salary Cash bonus Option-based awards*
Share-based awards
Other variable compensation
Senior Officers $13.0 $7.4 $3.2 $6.3 $0.1
Material Risk Takers $6.2 $4.4 $1.2 $3.0

* Option-based awards are calculated based on Black-Scholes value at time of grant.

Additional information regarding our compensation programs and practices:

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