September 14, 2016

$300,000 donation in support of Museum London

$300,000 donation in support of Museum London

On Sept. 14 Great-West Life announced a $300,000 contribution to Museum London to help kick off their campaign in support of Centre at the Forks, a new creative learning centre.

The Centre at the Forks will feature unique, integrated and interactive programming, allowing more people access to hands-on creativity at the museum.

“We value and have supported the work of Museum London for many years and we are proud to be supporting this exciting new project,” says Stefan Kristjanson, president and chief operating officer. “We hope our donation will inspire others to give and help grow this important new space in London for experiencing the arts.”

The Centre at the Forks aims to create new opportunities for visitors to connect with programs, exhibitions and collections — extending Museum London’s impact in the city and beyond. Programs, exhibits and activities will focus on arts and heritage experiences for youth, families and seniors, as well as inspiring and nurturing the development of young, local artists. Unique, interactive technologies will attract new audiences and expose existing audiences to diverse possibilities and experiences.

Great-West Life has been a proud sponsor of Museum London’s Making Art Creating Community ProgramOpens a new website in a new window for school-aged children since 2003. It’s one of many ways we’re giving back to the London community.