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Who is this for?

If you don’t have coverage under a group benefits plan, or if you’re losing coverage, an individual health plan can help ensure you and your family have coverage for benefits and services including prescription drugs, dentalcare, visioncare, paramedical services, ambulance services and more.

A financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial can offer you individual health and dental insurance plans. Our plans are designed to help you manage costs not covered by your provincial healthcare plan and applying for coverage is fast and easy.

How will this help me?

Unexpected medical expenses, such as prescription drug costs, can have a significant impact on your finances if they’re not covered by your provincial healthcare plan.

With our plans – including Sonata Health, PlanDirect and Prelude – you’ll be covered. And, unlike many other individual health insurance plans, there’s no overall lifetime drug plan maximums. The coverage provided through our individual products is similar to what’s offered under a group benefits plan.

What else do I need to know?

Sonata Health

Sonata Health provides health and dental benefit plans for individuals who are looking for insurance coverage for themselves and their families. Several plan designs are available, with varying levels of coverage depending on your needs.


If you’re retiring or leaving your job, PlanDirect can help bridge the gap between your provincial healthcare plan and the health and dental coverage you need – no medical exam required. To be eligible for coverage under PlanDirect, you must apply within 60 days of losing your current coverage.


If you’re retiring and will lose your coverage, Prelude offers you and your family protection against medical expenses that aren’t covered – or are only partly covered under your provincial healthcare plan.

You’re eligible for Prelude if you’re covered under a Great-West Life group healthcare plan at the time you retire and if your plan sponsor has made it available to you.

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Working with a financial security advisor can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to plan for the future.

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