Investing and saving

See how we can help you find the saving and investment solutions that work for you.

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Goals-based investing

Would you like to buy a house, pay for your child’s education, or save for retirement?

Constellation can set you up on a clear path to achieve your financial goals and allow you to see in real-time how close you are to reaching them.

Segregated funds

A segregated fund policy could help diversify your savings and provide protection.

Mutual funds

Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., London Life’s chosen investment dealer, can help you make the right investments and grow your savings.

Guaranteed interest options

Reach your financial goals safely and securely with guaranteed interest options.


A tax-free savings account can be used to save for retirement or a big purchase, such as an education, vehicle or new home.


A registered education savings plan is designed to help parents, grandparents and others set money aside for a child’s post-secondary education with the help of the federal government.


The registered retirement savings plan is a tax-deferred savings account that can help Canadians prepare for retirement.

Estate protection

If you’ve been working hard to build a legacy that can be passed on to your beneficiaries after you die, the London Life Estate Protection segregated funds policy offers many benefits.

Goals-based investing

Connect your investments to your financial goals using Constellation Managed Portfolios and track your progress as you work your way towards them.

A woman makes food in her kitchen with friends.

Saving and investment solutions

London Life has a variety of savings and investment options that can help you prepare for the future. Whether it’s setting money aside for an education or saving for a down payment on a home, we can help you create a savings and investment portfolio that meets your unique needs.

A financial security advisor with Freedom 55 Financial and an investment representative with Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. can help you select the saving and investment products and services that are right for you.1Footnote 1

Important information about mutual funds is found in the Fund Facts. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Unit values and investment returns will fluctuate.


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Connect with an advisor

Working with a financial security advisor can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to plan for the future.

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