Segregated funds

Segregated funds could help diversify your savings and provide protection.

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Who is this for?

A segregated fund policy could be beneficial to anyone interested in diversifying their savings and providing protection from significant market downturns through guarantees.

A segregated fund is a collection of money distributed across a range of investments. The segregated fund is overseen by professional investment managers who are chosen by London Life using a strict and comprehensive review process. Investment managers involved in segregated funds are regularly monitored and their performance is consistently evaluated.

How will this help me?

Segregated funds can offer you and your beneficiaries protection through maturity and death benefit guarantees. These guarantees ensure your original investment is guaranteed – either 75% or up to 100% of your original value through a “top up” at the time of your death or maturity date. (Keep in mind, however, that withdrawals decrease your guarantees proportionately.)

Segregated funds can also be flexible – once you’ve established a segregated fund policy, you can switch to a different fund at any time. You can also choose to make either lump sum or regular contributions and you can withdraw money from your segregated fund, should you need it – just keep in mind that this will affect your maturity and death guarantees.Footnote 1

Segregated fund performance

View fund details and rates of return for each of our segregated funds on the Fundata fund overview & performanceOpens a new website in a new window website. Your use of the information on this site is subject to the terms of Fundata privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimers.

What else do I need to know?

HelloLife retirement program

The HelloLife retirement program combines segregated funds and income annuities. The goal: to craft a comprehensive retirement program that can provide you with a steady income throughout your retirement years. For more information on HelloLife, talk to your financial security advisor.

Income for the future

A segregated fund policy may even be able to help you ensure a future income. By including the optional lifetime income benefit (LIB) option, you can protect your investment against the possibility of outliving your money or significant downturns in the market.Footnote 2 No matter how the segregated funds themselves perform, your guaranteed income amount will not decrease and may increase through bonuses and resets.Footnote 3

Protection when you need it

Segregated fund policies may be safe from creditors if you are sued or file for bankruptcy. They can also help you to seamlessly pass on your wealth when you die.Footnote 4

Passing on your wealth seamlessly

When you die, the individual you’ve selected to settle your affairs could be faced with a stressful situation. A segregated fund policy can help with this process because the death benefit will go straight to your named beneficiaries instead of going through your estate. In the end, this has the potential to make the process of passing on your wealth both seamless and relatively stress-free.

Certain charges may apply when withdrawals are made.
A monthly charge may be applied in order to access the LIB option.
Excess withdrawals from the lifetime income benefit will affect the amount of money available through the lifetime income amount. Speak with your financial security advisor to learn more.
Creditor protection depends on court decisions and applicable legislation, which can be subject to change and can vary from each province; it can never be guaranteed. Talk to your lawyer to find out more about the potential for creditor protection for your specific situation.
Funds listed here are no longer available for new purchases. If you hold a fund listed here, you are still able to make further contributions.

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